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Once upon a time there was a store called True North (TN).
Located at 539 Bedford Road in Morris, it has became the home to an enormous amount of vintage and antiques, and a smattering of hand made gift items.
True North recently was voted Grundy County's BEST Antique Store, Best Gift Store, and Best Home D├ęcor Store. 70+ vendors work hard to bring customers the coolest finds at reasonable prices.
You can explore True North through 7 days a week- all year round. With more than 6000 square feet space, you're sure to find something thatmakes you say, "I remember that!" #ShopTrueNorth: Monday thru Saturday 10am-6pm and Sundays 12noon-4pm.



There's more of everything at True North!!! Believe it or not, more items are added every hour also! Shopping should be an adventure... #shopTrueNorth!